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As I have mentioned earlier in the previous blog entry, a vacation in South Korea would not be complete without visiting Jeju Island! Located at the southern tip of Korea, this precious little gem has many attractions to offer, from picturesque landscapes to outdoor activities such as hiking, horseback riding, boat riding, paragliding, windsurfing, and many more! 
Jeju-do (“Do” means Island in the Hangul language) is notably known for
3 things to be in abundance: Wind, Rocks, and Women. Apparently, there are more women than men on the island. Likewise, this island is also known for having a dearth of 3 things: thieves, beggars, and locked gates. 

Popularised by local Korean dramas, Jeju-do is not only a perfect filming location for a romantic storyline, but also a paradise for nature enthusiasts. Its richness and sustainability in biodiversity consisting of a vast array of plant and animal species, has earned a recognition as a World Natural Heritage from UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee. In addition to Jeju’s wonders of nature, Jeju has many unique geological features due to the volcanic eruptions of Mount Halla many years ago.

I have read somewhere that there’s never a bad time to visit Jeju-do, even during winter.  However, the summer heat appeared to be more intense in Jeju-do. It was 38 degree celcius, according to the pilot who announced it upon our arrival! To our disappointment, the intense heat interfered with our plans to visit Mount Halla. 

Jeju Loveland


Jeju Loveland is South Korea’s erotic outdoor sculpture park, showcasing 140 naked sculptures in various sexual positions and seductive poses. Inside this kinky theme park, there is a building that functions as a sex museum, featuring many erotic exhibitions of figurines in different types of raunchy situations. In addition, this sex museum is very informative; they display a variety of sexual paraphernalia along with some short explanations. No doubt that this is apparently the place where newlyweds from arranged marriages would go for a sex education crash course! Also, you can purchase some very creative and kinky souvenirs there. 

The theme park was very spacious indeed, as we took almost an hour to tour around. Well, the time spent on your visit actually depends on how much the theme park arouses your interest. As for me, I was impressed with the artistically sculptured statues as they are truly a work of art. 

The admission fee for Jeju Loveland is 9000won (~RM32). Personally, I did not feel this visit was worthwhile, as I would rather spend that amount of money for something more fulfilling, like food. Unless, you have a fetish for hot naked statues, I suggest you go for it.

Admission fee: Adults 9,000 won / Group 8,000 won
Visitors aged 65 or older, the handicapped 8,000 won / Group 7,000 won
* Group : 30 people or more * ID check required.
Visitors must be 20 years of age or older to use the facilities

Operating hours: 09:00 - 24:00 (Last admission: 23:00)

Address: 2894-72, Cheonbaengi-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

O’sulloc Green Tea Museum & Innisfree Jejuhouse

O’sulloc Green Tea Museum is definitely a must-visit destination for all green tea lovers! This museum enlightens visitors with a brief introduction about Korea’s traditional tea culture with a display of many types of teacups and illustrations of tea brewing processes. Besides, you may even experience it yourself by taking precious sips from a cup of green tea while enjoying the green landscape through the glass doors at the O’sulloc tea house, a café. We headed straight to the café upon reaching the museum, feeling eager to get ourselves a refreshing treat in this sunny weather. The café was packed with bustling crowds of people, mainly locals, who were spending their long weekend (because the next day was Liberation Day in South Korea) having tea parties with their families and friends. I read somewhere in the Korean Tourism Organisation website, saying that admission may be limited during peak season. Well, luckily we got in!

In Korea, tripods are equally popular as monopods!

We found a place by the glass door after we had gotten ourselves a green tea ice cream which cost 4500won (~RM16) each. There were many other recommended green tea desserts on the menu too, and Jeju Green Tea ice cream or Green Tea O fredo would be the best choice for summer.
The green tea ice cream melted in my mouth; it was sweet at first and then it slowly revealed a faint bitterness on my tongue. I’d say the balance of taste was almost perfect, but I prefer to have more bitterness from the tea lingering on my taste buds. The texture was soft and creamy while the consistency was thick. The colour had this ridiculous vibrant shade of green! It felt just like it was made fresh from the tea plantation.

O’sulloc Tea House has a few branches established in Seoul. You may satisfy your green tea cravings when you are in the capital of the country. Many tea products had been marketed under O’sulloc, and one of the best sellers that we decided to purchase from was O’sulloc Green Tea Milk Spread. This highly raved about green tea milk spread was priced at 8500 won (~RM30) in the O’sulloc Tea Museum. We had made a few price comparisons at the other stores in Seoul, and the tea museum here was selling it at a relatively more expensive price. We discovered that it was sold for 6000+won (~RM21.24) in Olive Young (a popular drugstore chain in South Korea). Doota duty free shop in Dongdaemun had a buy 5 free 1 promotion, and after dividing the prices, it was only 5000+won (~RM18) per jar! Looks like our theory about the spread being cheaper if we purchased it directly from the manufacturer, was not true after all. 

Innisfree Jejuhouse, situated next to the tea museum was just connected with a narrow path. Innisfree Jejuhouse was unlike any other ordinary Innisfree outlet as it featured many interesting activities for visitors to experience. One of them is a DIY soap making activity using Jeju’s natural ingredients. You may purchase a DIY soap making kit and customize them on your own.

There was also another section in the store where you could design your own postcards by ink-stamping. Many different types of stamp designs were inspired by Jeju’s famous natural resources and iconic landmarks. You may even design a postcard as a souvenir!

Similar to O’sulloc tea museum, Innisfree Jejuhouse has a warm earth toned interior, giving off warm and close-to-nature vibes. Innisfree’s café took over half of the building, serving organic food and beverages. 

Next to Innisfree Jejuhouse, were acres of green tea plantations, resembling Cameron Highlands. We did not miss any opportunity to take beautiful shots when we were immersed with nature here. We even took the risk of going in between the neatly arranged rows of shrubs as we were cautioned with a sign telling us to beware of snakes lurking in there. And truly, I must say the grass was greener on this side. 

 Scoria rock, an ingredient in the famous Innisfree volcanic clay products that effectively absorbs sebum and purifies clogged pores.

Admission fees: free
Operating hours: 09:00-18:00
Address: 15, Sinhwayeoksa-ro, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

Cheonjeyeon Falls & Seonimgyo Bridge

Cheonjeyeon Falls was one of the most noteworthy waterfalls in Seogwipo that we intended to visit. Be careful of mistaking it with CheonJIyeon waterfalls, which is also located in Seogwipo, 1.34km east from Cheonjeyeon Falls. There are 3 waterfalls that make up Cheonjeyeon Falls. The water collected from the first waterfall will flow to the second and third waterfall, and eventually into the sea. Due to time constraints, we only visited one waterfall-- the second waterfall, as it was the prettiest one.

Pines are everywhere in South Korea!
Prior to reaching the second waterfall, we crossed the Seonimgyo Bridge, a red and white arched bridge that had carvings of seven nymphs at each side. Being on the bridge allowed us to observe the green forest below us. In the midst of greenery, there was a stream of water flowing from the first waterfall. 

We continued walking till we reached the second waterfall. It was not a smooth and easy path, but once we reached, it felt amazing as our eyes were set upon the magnificent sight before us. The beautiful shade of blue from the waterfall already caught my eyes from afar and I was gawking at it while I was on my way there. This unique shade, presumably a light cerulean blue, gave off a magical feel, making the place like a fairytale setting. 

Admission fee: 
Individual: Adults 2,500 won / Youth & Children 1,350 won
           Group: Adults 2,050 won / Youth & Children 850 won
If I’m not mistaken, we got our tickets under the youth category (age below 24).
Operating hours: 08:00-18:00
Address: 27, Saekdal-ro 189beon-gil, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

Jusangjeolli Cliff

Jusangjeolli Cliff is a natural formation of rock pillars resulting from the molten lava during the volcano eruption of Mount Halla. What gives the uniqueness of this geological structure is its precisely shaped hexagonal formation which is almost too perfect to be natural.

The entire observation deck was densely packed with a massive crowd of local tourists. Making our way through the throng of people, we managed to stand by the rail of the deck and settled for a perfect spot that allowed us to admire the breathtaking view. It was peaceful even just by looking at the waves crashing on the rocks despite the presence of an exuberant crowd of visitors. 

Admission fees:
 Individuals - Adults 2,000 won / Teenagers & Children 1,000 won
Groups - Adults 1,600 won / Teenagers & Children 600 won
* Group: 10 or more people
* Free admission for children (below 6 years old), seniors (ages 65 and above) and people with disabilities (including 1 companion for level 1-3)
Operating hours: sunrise to sunset
Address: 216, Jungmungwangwang-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

Our first day in Jeju island covered most places in Seogwipo. I will be sharing more of our adventures real soon. Stay tuned for Day 2 updates!

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    1. We took a flight from Jeju to Seoul, and it was less than an hour, probably 30-45 minutes. Check out the itinerary of my South Korea trip here:

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    1. Yeah it was tiring but fun :p Bet you will have the chance!

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