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REVIEW: Acme Bar & Coffee @ Bangsar Village

Located in the secluded part of Bangsar Village, Acme Bar and Coffee (ABC) provides the best environment for dining and drinking. I have heard so much great reviews about Acme, mostly about its other branches. 

Acme's signature dessert

Since we were in this part of town, we thought of giving it a try at the Bangsar branch. Acme strikes me as a posh and versatile dining place. It looks like you can have all your meals in a day, from breakfast to night drinking, at Acme Bar and Coffee.

We stepped into this restaurant and we chose to be seated at the ‘alfresco-like’ dining area. It is not completely alfresco; it is surrounded by glass panels that allow natural light inside the building, thus brightening the place. There is a dimly lit indoor section, for those who prefer a more private dining experience.

The rustic brick walls and modern wall lamps made the space more homely and comfortable. ABC’s menu features many South American inspired dishes such as fajita, a Texan-Mexican cuisine and Louisiana’s Jambalaya. There are other European styled dishes and desserts, like panini, pasta, rosti, and mascarpone. 

Crispy Cajun Chicken

Consists of deep fried chicken breast, Cajun potato cake, mushroom chutney, and kalamansi lime.

I should have ordered this if I had known its taste. The chicken breast was crispy and tender. The potato cake was well seasoned. The fried chicken with a touch of citrus from the kalamansi lime was definitely appetizing.

Stuffed Eggplant with Lamb

Categorized under pots, pans, and plates, it never cross my mind that this item is actually a side dish! It is described as “stuffed baby eggplant, minced lamb, pine nuts, pomegranate, garlic puree”.  The name of this dish and its description suggested a serving reasonably large enough to be a main course. Unless, they rephrase it to “Eggplant Stuffed with Minced Lamb”, which describes the dish more precisely. Well, this is probably just another marketing strategy devised by them.

There were three pieces of eggplant already sliced into halves, stuffed with minced lamb meat, sprinkled with fried garlic, pine nuts, and pomegranate. They were nicely garnished with some arugula leaves.

 Although the eggplant was very fibrous and difficult to slice into smaller pieces, the flavour combination was amazing! The savoury taste of the minced lamb was well complemented with the sourness from the pomegranate. Arugula added some ‘peppery’ touch to the dish.


Because I had mistaken the side dish as the main course, I had to order something else on the menu. I decided to try Jambalaya, a dish hailed from Louisiana with Spanish and French influence.

 The rice was cooked with turkey ham, beef sausages, and chicken ham in Cajun style. 

Topped with spring onions, it was ready to be served. Also another savoury dish, it was bursting with flavours when I took a spoonful of rice. However, the beef sausages and chicken breast was not tender enough, although they came in generous amount.

Sizzling Brownie & Oreo Ice Cream

This signature dessert from Acme Bar and Coffee is not to be missed if you ever make a visit here! Sitting in the hot plate was a piece of walnut brownie, topped with a scoop of Oreo ice-cream, and finished with a sliced of strawberry. 

The chocolate sauce began to sizzle furiously in the hot plate after pouring it all over the brownie.

The brownie was amazing in taste and texture. It was not hard at all and it had the right amount of moisture. The rich chocolate sauce definitely added more chocolaty taste to the brownie. I would prefer the ice cream to be in vanilla flavour as it will balance up the mass amount of chocolate flavour in this hot plate. Nevertheless, this was the best dish I had in this restaurant.

Overall, the food was great although the price was pretty much over my budget. On average, it was around RM50++ per pax, depending on what you order. I was quite disappointed with the services. Having to pay 10% service charges, I expected excellent services from this restaurant. My request for wifi services was ignored and my drinks took ages to be refilled. Will I be back again? Perhaps I will come back for the sizzling brownie.

8am - 12pm


Bangsar Village 1, Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


  1. haven't tried it for quite some time. last time i often visited as it's near my office, now that i don't work there, it's has another brand near my house which is convenient!

  2. I happened across this ABC outlet while my wife and I were wandering around Bangsar after a spot of shopping. Walking in I was a bit concerned it wouldnt be very nice as there were very few customers in the restaurant, however, we was greeted with a warm smile by the staff and shown to a table inside near the alfresco area. While I was looking at the wine list I was approached by the Manager, William, who introduced himself as the bar manager for the group. He walked us through the menu and made several suggestions for wines to match the food, a rare thing in Bangsar to be sure.
    We ended up ordering one of their Belgian craft beers and a glass of French pinot noir which i must say were AMAZING!
    Over all the food was great and the Sizzling brownie was to die for. I only wish that the waiters didn't hover around our table so much, though as i mentioned above it was rather quiet for a thursday night. Perhaps they were bored?
    I'm sure we will be back again soon!

  3. This place looks like a really pleasant point of relaxation, I like its design, its walls, stylish furniture, etc. Amazing coffee bar!


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