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If you have visited Ipoh more than once, you would have probably spammed your Instagram feed with the famous old, dilapidated blue and white wooden window panes at Kong Heng Square or the narrow alley decorated with bright coloured hanging umbrellas at the notorious Concubine Lane. Getting bored of the same old mainstream photos? Here are the top 5 places in Ipoh that I discovered, which would totally up your Instagram game!

1.       The Narrow Alley @ De Café & Rest House

I stumbled upon this place by accident, when my friends and I dined in at De Café and Rest House. Located at the back alley of the café, you may exit from the backdoor and you’ll see a beautiful view of a run-down alley refurbished with lots of greenery. Mosses and ferns grew on the decrepit brick walls and also along both sides of the passage.

  There was a wooden platform on the ground, making it look more rustic. This is totally a secluded photography spot that is not crowded, probably because it was still not known to many. Apparently, this passage leads to Market Lane (“三奶巷 or “Sam Lai Hong” in Cantonese).

Location: De Café & Rest House.  35, Jalan Sultan Iskandar, 30000 Ipoh, Negeri Perak

2.       Catch A Toy x Rainbow Box

Again, we also stumbled upon this place by accident! We were walking on the street (Jalan Sultan Iskandar) on our way to De Café & Rest House and the neon lights signboard caught my attention. It isn’t always you can find neon lights signboard in Ipoh and this is a pretty rare sight. 

Below the signboard, there was a cute pink vending machine and next to it was a female version of Brown holding a Sally mug from LINE. There was a pink bench at the far right side of the vending machine. This colour theme background totally fits into a Kpop music video.

Something cool we discovered while taking photos: The vending machine is a door!

Location: 53, Jalan Sultan Iskandar, 30000 Ipoh, Negeri Perak

3.       Tasik Cermin
Been to Gunung Lang, The Haven, and Qing Xin Ling and had nowhere else to go? You should totally put Tasik Cermin in your bucket list. This place is truly a hidden gem in Ipoh because it required a little adventure prior arriving to this magical scenery. It was not easy to locate this place as it was not shown on Waze, and it was inaccurately marked in Google Maps. 

Nevertheless, Google Maps was able to bring us to an approximate location nearby to the cave. You need to pass by the quarry site by walking a short distance and climbing some steep grounds before arriving at the entrance of the cave. The cave totally freaked me out at first because it was dark and cold and all you can see was a light at the end of the cave. Also, there weren’t many people around at that time. But as I met the mesmerizing view before me, I felt all the effort on walking and climbing was totally worth it.

I actually been here twice. The first time was a complete failure because we didn’t get to enter the quarry site as it was a private property and we were cautioned with a huge “No Trespassing” sign. And of course, we didn’t want to get into trouble. This time, there were no signboards or site workers seen, probably due to Public Holidays.

The quarry sites are pretty Instaworthy  too!

Location: Type Mirror Lake into Google Maps.

4.       Weil Hotel Rooftop

Fancy an urban skyline in Ipoh? Weil Hotel Rooftop is probably the closest you can get. Well, maybe not that close. 

But it does have a lovely view of the town especially during the sunset. There is a rather small infinity pool for you to swim, dip your toes, or probably a great prop for Instagram photography. #poolgoals

photographed by Daniel Stone

Location: 292, Jalan Sultan Idris Shah, 30000 Ipoh, Negeri Perak

5.       The Row of Abandoned Shoplots along Hugh Low Street

Located along Hugh Low Street aka Jalan Sultan Iskandar, after the bridge (which connects old and new town) at the new town side, there is a row of abandoned, and dilapidated shop houses. 


Old buildings are totally Insta worthy if you’re looking to create a classy architectural shot. There is indeed artistic value in this and it would be great if there are plans to preserve the heritage of this part of town.

Location: Jalan Sultan Iskandar (near the bridge)

If anyone of you has any suggestions for the hottest or the most secretive Instagram spot in Ipoh, feel free to drop a comment below!


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