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ENCHANTEUR Paris Parfum Shower Gel Review

ENCHANTEUR had been a part of my childhood as I remember I applied some of my grandma’s 
ENCHANTEUR scented talcum when I was a child because it smells like perfume. Fast forward 20 years later, I was sent a package of  ENCHANTEUR Paris Parfum Shower Gel and its powerful scent reminded me of my childhood. Even though they have expanded into bath products, body mists, perfumes, and deodorants, but I still love their old perfumed talc packaging design.

No bathtubs? That should not be an excuse for you not to be able to relax after a stressful day at work. ENCHANTEUR can totally give you a luxurious bath time, indulging me-time all to yourself while listening to your favourite record. 
ENCHANTEUR calls it a pure bliss of indulgent escape.

ENCHANTEUR Paris Parfum Shower Gel provides a luxurious bath time with simply just a good choice of shower gel infused with fine fragrances. Its EDT perfume infused shower gel inspired by French fragrances, made me feel like I am soaked in a tub of fresh flowers. It totally uplift my senses and therapeutic to my body, soul, and mind.

Apart from its powerful scent, 
ENCHANTEUR Paris Parfum Shower Gel is a gentle soap-free and paraben free formulation. It is also enriched with skin nourishing ingredients that help to moisturize skin as it cleanses.

ENCHANTEUR sent me the Adore variant for my after work bath time pampering. The strong perfumed fragrance immediately filled the air once I pumped out the shower gel. My bath time was a bliss as the pleasing aroma soothed my senses. However, I wish the scent can stay longer even after I left the bathroom.

ENCHANTEUR Paris Parfum Shower Gel comes in a choice of 3 sensuous variants, infused with well-loved ENCHANTEUR Paris fine fragrances enriched with its own unique ingredients. Have a difficult choice to make? Just grab ‘em all!

1. ENCHANTEUR Paris Parfum Shower Gel - Belle Amour Bright & Smooth

Flaunt your gorgeous smooth skin with the lovely blend of Ylang-ylang and Lily fragrance. Enriched with Rose oil and Vitamin B3 it leaves skin smoother, brighter and irresistible to the touch.

2. ENCHANTEUR Paris Parfum Shower Gel - Mon Amie Fresh & Cool

Enhance your charm and cheerful personality with the rejuvenating fragrance of Fresh Citrus and Pink Peonies. Enriched with Lemon oil & Menthol, it provides a refreshing & cooling sensation while perking up your day for a casual outing.

3. ENCHANTEUR Paris Parfum Shower Gel – Adore Soothe and Care

Embrace yourself with the sensual scent of Pink Mimosa and Golden Pear. Enriched with Chamomile Extract to relief stress and induces the calming effect to the skin as well as body, allowing you to relax after a long hectic day.

ENCHANTEUR Paris Parfum Shower Gel available in 750g pack size and retails at RM15.95 (WM) / RM16.70 (EM). ENCHANTEUR products are available at leading hypermarkets and supermarkets Nationwide.


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