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4 Expensive Hair Products/Tools that Are Worth-Buying for My Thick, Frizzy Hair

Being born with thick and frizzy hair is definitely more of a curse rather than a blessing. That’s if you include frizzy in the equation.

 I have lost count on the number of times I straightened my hair since my early teen years to keep the frizz at bay. I could recall the shock on people’s faces when they saw my hair in its natural, unruly state. Hair washing and blow drying became the most arduous and time-consuming task in my daily routine.

Thankfully with the advancement of modern technologies, there are so many hair products and tools created to tame my tresses. Here are 4 ridiculously expensive hair products/tools that I invested in that worth the money!

1. Dyson Supersonic

Price: RM1799

Dyson Supersonic hairdryer is truly the best investment for my hair type although we got off the wrong foot in the beginning. Long story short, Dyson sent me a faulty unit of the supersonic when I purchased it on their official website. After a month of exchanging emails with their customer service, they finally agreed to replace the faulty unit with a fully functioning one. That was surely not a good first impression from Dyson.

Nevertheless, after almost half a year of replacing my conventional hair dryer, I can see a huge difference this amazing invention had made in my hair routine. My drying time has reduced to half. Hair routine is not burdensome anymore. My hair does not lose its shine with the absence of extreme drying heat. And the best of all, it reduces frizz and keep my hair in place!

Aside from its functionality, I like how Dyson ‘s product design is so ergonomic. This lightweight hairdryer makes it easy to style my hair as its motor is located in the handle instead of the head like in the standard hairdryers. Unlike in conventional hairdryers, Dyson has magnetic attachments, making it easy to set up your styling mode. I still remember I fumbled a lot with my old hairdryer when changing the diffuser to the concentrator.

Known as the Tesla of hairdryer and being the most expensive hairdryer, it certainly blew me away with its state-of-the-art technology. It’s a great purchase that made my life easier and now, I can never go back to using my old hairdryer. 

2. Olaplex

Price: RM 140 for 100ML

The next product needs no introduction. Those who frequently permed or bleached their hair would have heard it at some point. This holy grail of hair treatment that every hair professional swears by in keeping hair strands healthy, is now become part of my hair care essentials.

Olaplex works by repairing disulfide bonds in the hair that were damaged during chemical or heat treatments. It works well with my bleached ends and it definitely helps with reducing frizz in my case. That’s because Olaplex rebuilds hair structure and returns them to the original state.

There are 9 series in the Olaplex range where No 1 & 2 are exclusive for professional use only. I am only using No. 3 Hair Perfector & No. 6 Bond Smoother which is sufficient for me. Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector is the home treatment that repairs damaged hair. Do not mistaken it as a conditioner, for it does not have moisturizing properties, as its function is to rebuild hair protein structure, thus you may only use it 1-3 times a week. I pair it with N0.6 which is the leave-in treatment after a hair wash, giving my ends nourishment. It reduces frizz and flyaways too, as Olaplex claimed! 

3. Tangle Teezer

Retails at RM116.00 for compact styler, but may get a cheaper price during promotion period.

Tangle Teezer is not your regular hair brush. Your regular hair brush will probably get your poor hair strands entangled and knotted at each combing attempt. Tangle Teezer just magically glide through my hair, detangling knots without pain or tugging pressure on the scalp.

Tangle Teezer has their teeth patented, known as the “two-tier regular flex technology”. The long, flexible teeth detangle, removing knots and reducing breakage, while the short teeth smooth, for glossy, frizz-free hair. I bought the compact styler which fits comfortably on my palm when brushing. Also, because the compact styler design is convenient to bring it anywhere with me. With this patented technology, you may even brush on your wet hair without damaging it.

Personally, Tangle Teezer has been a life-changing tool and has made my hair routine so much effortless. TBH, it was really tiring and depressing having to go through the ordeal of detangling each time I come out of the shower despite slathering a good amount of conditioner. 

The frizzy nature of my hair forms tangles much easily. Tangle Teezer is truly my hair saviour. It carries a slightly hefty price tag when compared to a regular comb, but with the function it offers, it’s definitely worth the money. Now, I don’t need to worry about yanking my hair to free from knots anymore. 

4.  Aquis Rapid Dry Waffle Hair Turban

Price: RM181 at Sephora Malaysia

We already heard about how the revolutionary microfiber cloth has changed the cleaning industry. Microfiber towels work its magic on hair too. They have a higher capacity of absorbing water than cotton towels, thus drying hair at a faster rate. Aquis Hair Turban claims to reduce drying rate to 50% because of their proprietary fabric called Aquitex.

As we know hair is at their weakest state when they are wet making them more vulnerable to frizz and breakage, hence it’s important to remove water from hair as soon as we step out of the shower. Aquis towel also reduces frizz unlike traditional towels which contains harsh fibers that produces friction on your hair, causing it to be frizzy and damaged.

Like I said before, hair drying is my least favourite step in my hair care routine. In fact, I hated it a lot. It took an hour for my hair to be completely dry. Apart from my hair being naturally thick and wavy, I also have bleached ends which takes a longer time to dry due to its higher porosity that retains more water. 

There are many types of Aquis hair towels or turbans to choose from, depending on your hair types. I chose the Aquis Rapid Dry Waffle Hair Turban as it’s suitable for long and thick hair. The texture of this fast-drying cloth is different where you can see there’s a raised pattern, giving more room for water absorption and cutting drying time in half.

Aquis Rapid Dry Waffle Hair Turban is so convenient to use. I put it on immediately after shower and let it remain on my head until I am done with my skincare routine. My hair became damp, instead of wet. It is definitely ready for blow-drying and styling. When Aquis Hair Turban is used together with Dyson Supersonic, it is the best hair drying combo you can get. My hair took less than 20 minutes to be completely dry and styled.

I believe in investing in products that makes life easier and increases work productivity. My hair has been a lot easier to manage, thanks to these amazing life-changing inventions. Not to mention how much healthier and shinier my locks have become after proper hair care and nourishment. Do you have a favourite hair product that you can never live without it? Do share and let me know in the comment section below!

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