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Taobao is the world’s biggest Chinese e-commerce that needs no introduction. Owned by Alibaba, the brainchild of Jack Ma, this shopping website is a paradise for incredibly low-priced items. You can pretty much find anything in Taobao, ranging from ridiculously cheap trendy clothing to aesthetically pleasing household products/decors. You may even find one of the weirdest items in Taobao that is up for sale, which is literally a bottle of fart. I had been buying clothes from Taobao many times, like what most girls usually shop in this marketplace

This time, I am looking for some minimalistic/Nordic style-inspired décor which are aesthetically pleasing enough to organize and transform my personal space. The price is much cheaper than other places but the shipping fee was insanely expensive. I ordered through ezbuy (mainly because it provides a better platform for Chinese illiterates), and they calculated the shipping fee based on volumetric weight.

 These items obviously have a larger volume due to their sizes even though they are not heavy. I felt like the shipping is a total rip off as ezbuy does not provide transparency in informing buyers about the estimated weight of each item before purchasing. It was not a pleasant experience but I was contented with the condition of all my items.

1.       Acrylic Make Up Organiser
I have always wanted a vanity table with posh looking makeup organisers and LED makeup light bulbs arranging at both sides of a mirror. But now, I am adopting the minimalistic lifestyle in storage and organizing my things. Acrylic makeup organisers are the best because they look clean, simple, and transparent.

 I was looking for a large acrylic container in order to store my facial products in the form of jars and bottles. The ones in Muji are not as big as I desired and they are expensive. I scoured many places like Mr DIY, Shopee, and other independent Instagram sellers but I could not find the right one.
As seen in my Instagram story

So, I head over to Taobao and I found two makeup organisers that are exactly what I needed. I bought a large acrylic drawer to store my mask and cream jars. I also bought an acrylic container with a protective cover to store bottles of toner, essences, and serums.

Price: RM60.96 for both

Size: Length 32cm, Width 20cm, Height 31.5cm


2.       Gold Tray

I honestly don’t even know why I added this to my cart. This gold tray looks so posh and expensive! The surface is so shiny that you can even use this as a mirror.

 I am impressed by the good condition of the tray as I received it without any scratches. This gold tray has a lot of functions such as jewelry holder, candle holder, or beauty products display while making all my other things look elegant and fancy.

Price: Rm13.56


3.       Marble Paper
Marble designs provide a very elegant and sophisticated touch to the decoration. This timeless design is now back on trend. I have an old wooden desk which has damaged surfaces and I would like to revamp it. I covered it with marble paper and it looks as good as new!

 This adhesive paper works well on wooden or metal surface and it definitely makes my desk look expensive!

Price: RM15.55 (120cm length)


4.       Basket & Tray
I was obsessed with Nordic-styled brass gold designs as a minimalistic decorative accents. There are a myriad designs of brass gold as well as rose gold collections ranging from baskets/trays to book holder. 

These gorgeous looking Scandinavian designs that are so Insta-worthy, are literally selling at affordable prices on Taobao! I bought a brass basket with cool geometrical lines and also a rose gold tray. The brass basket is perfect to put my bath products or facial masks and even books! The rose gold tray is a great storage option for papers or magazines.

Price: Basket- RM 28.44 (medium size), Tray –RM22.47

5.       Wax Seal Stamps

Being a millennial, this is my favourite old school thing that made a comeback. I appreciate letter writings more than text messages but unfortunately we don’t have the luxury of time. I always wanted to have a set of wax seal stamps.

 So, I figure Taobao is probably the right place for this. There are many designs to choose from. I chose my initial E with a Victorian style font. It comes with 4 wax sticks, 2 candles, a stamp, and a metal spoon. The wax seal stamp is probably the best deal I got so far! I had seen a physical store selling for almost triple the price that I got.

Price: RM16.19
Link: Unfortunately, it is sold out. You could type the key words, “火漆印章” into the search box.

6.       Travel Makeup Bag
My old makeup bag was really old and torn because of my increasing amount of products I have been using throughout the years. I found this travel makeup bag with cute pink flamingo prints and green ferns. It has three compartments including small pockets to store your brushes.

 This bag is actually very spacious even though it looks small and compact. My toner and serum bottles fit perfectly into the inner compartment and secured with elastic straps fastener. They have many other designs too like cactus, ferns, stripes, etc.

Price: RM10.82

7.       Lightbox

This item has been on my wish list since a long time ago. Ever since the light box in Kaison was sold out and they won’t be restocking in the future, I could not find any light box cheaper than RM30.00. Yes, Kaison actually sells it for RM30. I am definitely not gonna spend hundreds for the one in Typo, so I look into Taobao. 
I found one priced at RM36 which is decent enough for decorative purposes. I was skeptical at first because there weren’t many reviews for this vendor. The product turns up to be fine and functions perfectly. There are many variations you can choose from, including the ones with remote control option.

Price: RM36.84

If you have any amazing steals from Taobao, feel free to share by dropping a comment below!


  1. I think that Tao Bao market is the best place where you will be able to find everything you need as per your individual requirements.


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