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Coffee date @ Jln Theatre Coffee, Ipoh

I am pretty impressed with how swift the café scenes in Ipoh are changing. Jln Theatre Coffee certainly raised the bar for quality coffee and aesthetically pleasing interior in this town. The white, clean minimalist interior with plenty of natural light certainly creates a perfect ambience for coffee sipping and chilling with friends.

Being a caffeine sensitive person, I do enjoy the taste of coffee. Unfortunately, I could not enjoy a cup of coffee without getting palpitations and tremors. Nevertheless, I ordered a cup of latte as it contains more milk than caffeine. My friend and I ordered a cup of Yuri Matcha each. We also ordered a slice of Pumpkin Seed Chai Cake.

I’m happy that the matcha latte is concentrated with flavor and the sweetness level is perfect. Priced at RM 13 which is relatively upscale for Ipoh standard, this warm cup of latte is a comfort drink.

 The pumpkin seed chai cake is a healthy choice of snack accompanying a hot beverage. I love the taste of fragrant spices, however the cake was quite dry and crumbly.

It is definitely a great place to get a caffeine fix. However, it might not be a good choice to have a quiet conversation or me-time during weekends, as the environment could be pretty boisterous from the groups of patrons. The noise was probably magnified by sound echoes reflecting from the clean, white walls.

 76 Jln Theatre, Ipoh, Perak

Operating hours
  Mon-Sun: 10am-6pm, Fri-Sat 10am-11pm, Closed on Thursday.


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